Our most recent price list is displayed below. To estimate the cost of your requirement, fill in the number of each item required in the appropriate box and then click on the [Calculate] button.

Fine Dining Range ~ Photograph
12in. Plate£0.17
10in. Plate£0.16
6.5in. Plate£0.14
Soup bowl/dessert dish£0.14
Coffee cup & saucer£0.18
Tea cup & saucer£0.22

White Porcelite ~ Photograph
10in. Plate£0.14
8in. Plate£0.13
6.5in. Plate£0.12
Sweet dish£0.12
Soup bowl£0.12

Cutlery Bead Style (NB Some items priced in multiples)
Dinner Knifes (x10)£1.20
Dinner Forks (x10)£1.20
Side Knifes (x10)£1.20
Side Forks (x10)£1.20
Dessert Spoon (x10)£1.20
Soup Spoon (x10)£1.20
Teaspoon (x10)£1.20
Serving Spoon£0.35
Gateau Knife£0.35
Salad Servers£0.65

Tables & Chairs
Patio Set: Table - 4 chairs - parasol & pads£18.00
Trestle Table 6ft£6.00
Round 4ft (6 people)£4.50
Round 5ft (10 people)£5.50
Round 5ft 6in (seat 12)£6.00
Cake Table 3 ft round£3.00
Chiavari Limewash Chair£2.00
Chair (from £1.00)£1.00

Glasses (NB Items priced in multiples)
Champagne Flute (x35)£4.20
Multi Wine 125ml (x35) £4.20
Red Wine 175ml (x24)£3.36
Brandy (x24)£4.20
Sherry /Port (x35)£4.20
Slim Jim 10oz. (x24)£2.88
Pint Glass (x15)£2.25

Stainless Steel
20in Platters£1.20
Table Number Stand (& number)£1.00
Single bottle wine cooler£1.00
Cocktail Shaker£1.20
Sauce Boat£0.55

Bottle Fridge£30.00
Can Fridge£15.00
Soup Kettle (& curries/chillies)£15.00
Hot Cupboard£20.00
Coffee Machine£6.00

Napkins 20x20£0.50
54x54 £5.00
70x108 £5.50
90 in. round£5.50
106 in. round£6.50
120 in. round£7.50

6 burner LPG stove (without gas)£80.00
Chaffing Dish & Fuel£12.00
Serving Tray Large£1.25
Glass Jug 1.8ltr£0.75
Glass Salad / Trifle Bowl£0.60
Sugar Bowl£0.45
Butter pad£0.05
Cruet Set£0.35
Insulated Coffee Pot£1.20
Cafetiere Coffee Pot£1.20
Bread Basket £0.30

Optional Service Charges
Delivery & Collection (within MK)£15.00
Washing Up Service 50%
Deposit  30%